Today (May 4th) it is Remembrance Day: we remember all people who died during World War II, and during peace operations worldwide; those who have given their lives for our freedom. 

Picture of Remembrance Day on Dam Square

Comité 4&5 mei

At 8pm the whole country is silent for two minutes. On Dam square, the King & Queen, the mayor of Amsterdam, some politicians, the military and some other officials will lay a wreath for all our heroes. Then 50 primary school students will put a flower on the stage. 

On May 5th, we celebrate the end of the war and our freedom. In 14 cities throughout the country artists will perform at the local liberation festivals. 

The celebrations will be concluded by the annual concert on the Amstel river, which is attended by the Royal Family as well. From 8:30pm you can watch this concert live on NPO 1. 

Don’t take freedom for granted!

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