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Spouse care – Applying for a job the Dutch way

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Projob labour market specialist helps you find a job that suits you, where you are happy, excited and even inspired!


Our services include:

  • Spouse Care workshop
  • Temporary recruitment
  • Permanent recruitment
  • Payroll services
  • Search and selection of interim professionals
  • Career coaching



A free eBook: ‘Networking, how does it work?’ (Retail price: €9.95).



Shereen Leissius, Career coach & trainer at Projob BV


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Product Description

Projob labour market specialist helps you find a job that suits you, where you are happy, excited and even inspired!

Many people move to the Netherlands because their partner has been offered a new, exciting job. Usually the employer takes care of their new hire, and this new employee gets introduced to their new environment and starts building a new social network.

For their spouses, moving to a new country is a life-changing experience too. The spouse also has to adapt to the new environment, and often becomes responsible for taking care of the house and, if they have them, children. Spouses are often left to their own devices, and have to figure out many things themselves.

Get more control over your new life and attend our spouse care workshop!

Spouse Care Workshop

We help spouses find their way in their new homeland. Finding something meaningful to do is vital for one’s own sense of fulfilment.

During the Spouse Care workshop we will help you to:

  • Map out your strengths, weaknesses and challenges, and align these to the Dutch labor market
  • Present yourself effectively both online on social media, and offline during interviews and networking events
  • Prepare yourself for a job interview in the Netherlands
  • Create a resume in accordance with Dutch standards
  • Look for a suitable position at a company in the Netherlands.

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