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Are you looking for a faster performance this year with less chance of injury? Take your first step towards improving your training and results with Wilson’s Workouts.


Our services include:

  • Personal Training
  • Boot Camp
  • Strength training for runners



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Lorna Wilson, Owner/Trainer at Wilson’s Workouts


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Product Description

Prioritize movement in your life with Personal Training!

We offer personal training sessions that include biomechanics screenings, strength sessions and movement tips.

Our services include:

Personal Training: Build a More Resilient Body. Move Better with Less Injury. Improve Your Performance. Location: Gym Base gym, Overtoom 371, Amsterdam.

Boot Camp: Wednesday morning at 0900 in the Vondelpark. Come join an outdoor, fun and social group with a full body workout each week. Great place to make friends when you start your life in the Netherlands.

Strength training for runners: Thursday evening at 1915 in the Vondelpark. Enhance your running training with an outdoor strength session.

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