June: goodbye month for many internationals

JUNE is often a sad month for internationals: they will have to say ‘goodbye’ to many of their friends then.

Will you also leave the Netherlands soon? Make sure that your farewell will go as smoothly as possible. Leaving your dear friends behind is already difficult enough. 

Three Guide2nl partners will help you in this process: 

Tips4Expat helps you to carefully plan and arrange your departure.

Atlas International Movers will make sure that your belongings will safely arrive at your next destination. 

If this means that your house will be half empty for the weeks in between, Furniture Lease will provide you with temporary furniture so you won’t need to sit on the floor during your last weeks.

These partners have all made a special offer for the Guide2nl:

Tips4Expat, Atlas International Movers and Furniture Lease. 

Good luck on your new adventures!

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