Is your company moving to Amsterdam?

Is your company moving to Amsterdam?

Zuidas - Amsterdam business district

Zuidas – Amsterdam business district

You have most likely arranged housing and a visa for these employees, alongside other practicalities. But in our experience, many companies don’t have the time or expertise to advise new employees on the important question of schools for their children.

The Dutch education system is very different to that of many other countries, and international families often struggle to find the right school, sometimes resulting in a mismatch. This can lead families to return prematurely to their home country; obviously not a situation you want for your employees.

At New2nl we offer personalized school advisory services. During a (Skype) session, we talk in-depth about the suitable schools (both international and Dutch) available to your employee. We explain the differences between these schools, set-up school visits, help complete the application forms, and answer any related questions in areas such as daycare, preschool and after-school care.

We take this part of the relocation process completely off your hands, so your employees can focus on their jobs.

We are already assisting companies like Netflix, Stryker, and Santa Fe.

More info on our education services you can find here.

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