Happy King’s Day!

It is King’s Day (Koningsdag)! – the national celebration of the king’s birthday. One of my favourite days of the year!

Some tips for a festive King’s Day (April 27):

– Wear something orange.

– Prepare yourself for neighbourhood celebrations, live music, food stands and crazy people everywhere.

– Also be prepared for big crowds. Don’t expect to be moving around a lot. Driving a car and taking a tram will nearly be impossible and cycling will be a challenge. Trains will run on a limited schedule.

– Many people will (try to) cruise the canals by boat. 

– In order to avoid long lines in front of the ATM, get your cash on the day before.

– Bring enough coins to buy nice bargains at the flee markets, and to donate to the young musical talents.

– If you want to sell your own stuff, be early (allowed from 6am).

Children’s King’s Day

– Celebrating with children? Vondelpark is probably the nicest place to understand what King’s Day is about – but crowded. If you are looking for a less overwhelming experience, places like Sarphatipark and Artisplein are also very nice.

– Have your children wear a bracelet or something with your phone number on it. You don’t want to lose them in the crowds…

– You are only allowed to carry one unit of regular alcoholic drink for your own consumption. Additional alcoholic drinks may be confiscated. Most shops will only sell one alcoholic drink per customer. 

– The party starts on King’s Night; the night before

– King’s Day is a national holiday. Most offices, stores, museums and other public places will be closed.

– See for more info the website of InAmsterdam.

Happy King’s Day! I hope you’ll stay dry!

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