Become our Partner

Joining Guide2NL is easy. And we operate an open-door policy, so that everybody can apply: from freelancer to corporation or a large multinational company.

Just fill out the partner application form below. On this form, you can record the goals you wish to achieve with Guide2NL, and select services that you want in return for your donation. We aim to keep a level playing field for prospective partners, and that’s why we do not offer fixed fees for services. Once you have sent your form, one of our representatives will contact you to complete the sign-up and discuss your donation.

During this call, we will establish a list of services you will get in return for your donation. We call this our personal offer for you to join us; you can see some example donations on the right side of this page. This also shows you why we will always contact you to draft a personal offer. We believe everybody has a place at Guide2NL, and that’s why we want to draft a personal offer that you as a partner will feel happy with.

Read everything about the Guide2NL partnership options in our brochure:

Guide2NL brochure