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Guide2NL is the platform for internationals that are about to move to the Netherlands, and those who have recently moved here.

We can all agree that the to-do list of an international newcomer is endless: from finding a house and applying for a visa, to finding a school for their children and learning the local language, or even opening a business. And that is not even mentioning the fun stuff like finding restaurants or local events. At Guide2NL, we aim to help internationals complete their to-do lists.

We help by giving newcomers access to a community of trustworthy and reliable partners on our cross-media platform. We are building Guide2NL together with our partners. This means we present newcomers with an all-inclusive offer from our trusted partners. Alongside this, we aim to build a safe and ‘gezellig’ community for internationals in the Netherlands. And we do this as a non-profit organization, donating as much as possible to charity—because we believe in doing good, and in free access to valuable information for the international community.

In 2021, our profits will be donated to the Red Cross for their help with acute disasters and conflicts worldwide, and all the support they are giving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

            Guide2NL supports the Red Cross foundation


Have you always dreamed of living with your family in a vibrant, internationally minded country with the happiest children in the world? Have you just received an unbeatable job offer in Amsterdam? Or maybe you have moved here because of your partner’s job and you are looking to start up a business of your own?

Whatever your reason for moving to the Netherlands, the Guide2nl is here to support you and your family through all phases of your relocation. Because we know that preparing for a big move is more than just gathering your belongings and family members and boarding a plane….

Conversely, if your time in the Netherlands is about to end and you are preparing for your next adventure, you have also found the right place!

Click on the relevant picture above, and you’ll find which of our trusted, local, but internationally-minded partners offer exactly those products and services you need!

To join as a partner, simply visit https://guide2nl.com/become-our-partner and fill out the sign-up form.